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 Online Promotions.

Print These coupons and Present to your technician.

LGE Prime Plumbing is committed to providing clients with plumbing solutions that are efficient and budget friendly. Begin saving today by printing these exclusive online promotions and presenting it to your technician upon arrival.

And remember, you may also be eligible for valuable rebates from the manufacturers, as well as significant tax credits from the federal government. Thanks for partnering with LGE Prime Plumbing!

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SoCal Water$mart Rebates

Did you know : The largest amount of water used inside your home 30% goes toward flushing the toilet.But how much water your toilet actually needs to flush properly is less than you think!

A limited number of SoCal Water$mart rebates are available for the following devices:

  • High-efficiency clothes washers
  • High-efficiency toilets
  • Rotating sprinkler nozzles (minimum of 15)
  • Weather-based irrigation controllers, or “smart” controllers

Rebates start at $50 Visit – SoCal Water$mart to check for qualifying models and receive your rebate!

SDGE Rebates:

SDGE has many programs to save you money, wether you are looking for a residential or commercial rebate, Visit – SDGE to check for qualifying models and rebates.


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