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Slab Leak Repair in San Diego


Slab Leak Repair San Diego

LGE Prime Plumbing provides slab leak services in San Diego, Ca. The phrase “slab leak” is not something that any homeowner wants to hear. It is a huge undertaking that can seem intimidating at the beginning. However, LGE Prime Plumbing offers fast and reliable slab leak detection in San Diego. We have years of experience working with slab leaks of all different sizes. Our San Diego plumbers are highly skilled at finding the source of the leak and fixing it as quickly as possible.

We know that your home is a place where you need to feel safe and be able to relax. That’s why we take such great pride in offering top quality San Diego slab leak services. We are committed to your total satisfaction and to the quality of our workmanship. When you need slab leak detection and slab leak repairs in San Diego, make sure that you call LGE Prime Plumbing.


Causes of Slab Leaks

In many homes, the main water line comes into the home from the street and travels under or through the slab and then up into the home. Over time there can be a number of things that cause the pipes to leak, crack or burst.

Pinhole leak
Dents can happen during the initial construction and installation of the copper water pipes. As water flows of the small dents on the inside of the pipe the water will wear a small hole into the side of the pipe.
If the copper pipes in your home were of poor quality, they will corrode very quickly from the water passing through them.
Hard water
If your home has hard water in it, the minerals in the water can be very destructive to your water pipes.

Slab Leak Repair in San Diego

For many homeowners, it can be hard to tell if they have a slab leak in their home. Here at, LGE Prime Plumbing we’ve worked with countless customers to help them detect if their slab has a leak in it. Here are some of the signs that we look for.

Cracked slab
If you start to notice cracks in your foundation or in your home’s slab, then it’s likely that those are caused by leaking water. As the ground absorbs the water, it will weaken and cause your whole foundation to sag.
Running water
If you hear running water in your home even though all of the faucets and appliances are turned off, it likely means that you have a leak in your pipes.
Water bill
Keep a close eye on your water bill. If it suddenly spikes for no apparent reason it could mean that you have a serious leak.
Warm spots
When you notice that certain spots on your floor are warm, it could mean that there water leak in your slab.
Water pools
If you start to notice water in strange places around your house or in areas where you’ve never seen it before, it likely means that something is going on with your water system.

Slab Leak Repair San Diego Ca

If your home is suffering from a slab leak there are a few slab leak repair options available to you. Make sure to contact us as soon as you suspect you may have a slab leak.


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