Water Pressure Regulator San Diego
Where is My Water Pressure regulator?

Are you looking for your water pressure regulator?

You would think that you have one but the truth is, you might not have one. Unless the water pressure is extreme they are not always installed. 

Should you have one? Yes!! Because the city water pressure is really high in some areas,  If the city was to turn off the water and then turn it back on,  you can get a really high pressure surge of water that can lead to a leak inside your house.  Not only that but if it’s not working properly it may be the cause of your shower water pressure being weak. 

If you do have one, it will be right after the main shut off valve for the whole house usually located in the front of your house or in your garage wall.  The average life span of a water pressure regulator is 8 years.  If you do not have one and are looking to get a water pressure regulator installed, give us a call today to set you up. *Tell the technician you saw this online and get 10% off your installation! (not combined with any other offers)