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Does a bathroom remodel add value to your home?

Does a bathroom remodel add value to your home? In San Diego, Ca.- A lot!

It is second only to the kitchen for enhancing home value. A out-dated run-down bathroom turns buyers off.

A bathroom is often a very personal environment so people like to feel comfortable there.  A clean, bright bathroom can improve the overall impression of the home, and is one of the highest returns of investment.

The bathroom is also one of the busiest rooms in a home yet it is easily over looked when it comes to a remodel.

What can be done by us:

  • update fixtures
  • installation of tubs, showers, faucets, plumbing lines, water conserving toilets, and more.

Find some inspiration online and contact is when you are ready for a remodel.  We will get together a team of individuals that will help bring your idea into reality.

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