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How To Prevent Your Water Heater From Exploding

How To Prevent Your Water Heater From Exploding

How To Prevent Your Water Heater From Exploding

Yes, you read that right.  Your water heater can explode! I am going to share a few tips today on How To Prevent Your Water Heater From Exploding.

how to prevent your water heater from exploding

First you will need to check your water heaters surroundings.

  • You should never store and flammable liquids near or around your water heater.  This includes: Gasoline, propane, lighter fluid, paint thinner, fuel of any kind and less obvious flammables like cleaning products and glue.


  • Is your water heater located in the garage?  It should be elevated.  If your water heater is in your garage and is not elevated, you are not only in violation of California Code but you are also in danger of something igniting in your garage.

After checking your water heaters surroundings you need to follow the following recommendations to insure safety and extension of your water heaters life.

  • Water heaters should be properly installed by a qualified plumbing professional.
  • Temperature and Pressure controls should be properly adjusted.
  • Safety and Relief Valves should not be altered in any way.
  • Inspection and maintenance should be performed annually by a qualified plumbing professional to reduce the risk of a catastrophic failure.
  • T&P Valve should be checked to make sure pressure and temperature inside tank is not too high.
  • Temperature should not exceed 180Fº.  Water temperature should never go over 212fº.  Anything above 212Fº can result in a water heater explosion.

You should call LGE Prime Plumbing ASAP if you experience any of the following.

  • Rusting or cracking of your tank
  • Hissing or whistling coming from your tank
  • Shortage of hot water
  • Discolored water
  • Sediment in water

If you experience any of these issues, turn off your water heater and contact us immediately at 1(858) 366-8735


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