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Solana Beach Plumbing 92075

A leak.  It happens when you least expect it.  Sometimes it has happened for so long that you do not recall when it started.  One single drip from a faucet wastes 34 gallons a year!

If you need a plumber to repair a leak, call LGE Prime Plumbing.  Know that when you call us, a clean and efficient plumbing technician will be arriving on time and ready to work.

solana beach plumbing 92075

Most homes in Solana Beach have been built quite a few years ago.  Homes that have been around for a while need to be maintained to keep your plumbing running smoothly.

There are two important things that should be definitely checked.  The first one is your pipes.  If your pipes are anywhere around 25 years old, you might be in need of a complete home repipe.  A repipe insures you that your home and belongings are not in danger of a costly pipe burst.

The second thing that you should check in your home is your water heater.  A water heater typically lasts about 7 to ten years.  Don’t wait till it goes out and you are left without hot water just when you need it.  Call us today.

We Provide The Following Plumbing Services In Solana Beach

  • Solana Beach Drain and Sewer Cleaning and Clearing
  • Solana Beach Water Heater Repair and Installation
  • Solana beach Tankless Water Heater
  • Solana Beach Water Leak
  • Solana Beach Gas Leak
  • Solana Beach Slab Leak
  • Solana Beach Repipe
  • Solana Beach Water Circulating Pumps
  • Solana Beach Faucet Repairs and Installations
  • Solana Beach Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement
  • Solana Beach Toilet Repairs and Replacements


Interested in other services not shown above?  Check out our plumbing services.