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Thanksgiving Do’s and Don’ts – A Plumbers Busiest Day Of The Year

Clogged drains are not what most people think about when they make Thanksgiving plans, but thousands of Americans will be adding a plumber to their guest lists sometime during the long weekend.

Did you know Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for plumbers?

LGE Prime Plumbing has compiled a survival guide for all of those who want to save a little extra money in the holidays for shopping instead of a plumbing expense.

Do Not

  • Dump grease down the drain.  (grease solidifies in your drain much like it does in a pan left over night, don’t do it!)
  • Force large amounts of food down disposal all at once.
  • Put celery down disposal, it is very stringy and hard on the blades.
  • Put pasta, potatoes, rice, or coffee – dump them in your trash.  Better safe than sorry.  They can be tough on your blades.
  • Put bones down disposal.


  • Rinse greasy plates in hot water
  • Run water about 60 seconds to flush out grease left in disposal.
  • keep water flowing while the disposal is running.

Follow these tips to prevent having a plumbing issue around the holidays.  

If you do happen to run into a problem, LGE Prime Plumbing is dedicated to providing plumbing, drain cleaning, install & repairs for all San Diego County.

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