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What Many Home Owners Don’t Know

What Many Home Owners Don’t Know

Low Water Pressure?

What homeowners should know regarding plumbing

This week one of my plumbing calls in Carmel Valley involved several problems.  One of the problems at this home had to do with the water pressure regulator.  Many home owners do not know the importance of a water pressure regulator.

In this particular home they had a bad pressure regulator, resulting in very low water volume going to the second floor.  When the water wasn’t in use, the water pressure inside the house was 115 PSI (pounds per square inch).  Water pressure should not be above 80 PSI.  

When I install a pressure regulator I set it to 50 PSI.  Which is more than enough pressure.  Having a pressure reading higher than 80 PSI, could result in faster wear of your water piping, faucets, tub and shower valves, etc.  Another good reason to have a water pressure regulator is that if the city shuts off the water for any reason, when they turn it back on,  you can get a water surge of over 200 PSI.  This can result in a water leak inside your home.

Water pressure regulator-found in front of your home or inside a garage.

Keep in mind, water pressure regulators should be replaced every 8 to 10 years.  To check to see if your home has a water pressure regulator, look for one outside or in the garage as pictured here.



-Luis, your San Diego –  Carmel Valley Plumber

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